Board of Trustees

Pomona Board of Trustees, 2017

国产偷拍视频The Board of Trustees of Pomona College oversees the College’s leadership, planning and resources, working to ensure the continuing vitality of the institution and its ability to fulfill its mission now and for future generations. 

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G. Gabrielle Starr, President

G. Gabrielle StarrG. Gabrielle Starr, a highly regarded scholar of English literature whose work reaches across neuroscience and the arts, joined Pomona College in 2017 as the 10th president of Pomona College.

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Seth Allen, Vice President for Strategy & Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Seth Allen, Vice President & Dean of Admissions and Financial AidSeth Allen, vice president for strategy and dean of admissions and financial aid, oversees offices that identify, recruit, enroll and retain an academically superior student body rich in talent and broad in diversity. The Office of Admissions and the Office of Financial Aid support this goal by communicating the value of a luqnet.comcation; building relationships with prospective students, families, schools, programs, and the Pomona College community; providing counseling and financial assistance; and promoting the visibility of Pomona College.

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Christina Ciambriello, Chief of Staff and Secretary to the Board

Christina Ciambriello, Special Assistant to the President and Director of Special Projects; Assistant Secretary to the Board of TrusteesIn her role as Chief of Staff, Christina provides support to the President to ensure that the needs of members of the College community are met in a strategic, coordinated, and timely manner. Christina helps manage processes of cultural and institutional change that relate to the college’s strategic initiatives and plays a key role in implementing and communicating major campus and institutional initiatives.

国产偷拍视频As Secretary to the Board, Christina ensures that the Bylaws, Board policy statements and other official records are properly maintained and distributed. She serves as the primary liaison, planner, and staff person for the Board. The Secretary helps bring together and connects the Board to the administration, the institution and key stakeholders.

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Avis Hinkson, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Avis Hinkson, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of StudentsAvis Hinkson, vice president and dean of students, oversees Student Affairs, residence halls, the dining programs, as well as the Dean of Students Office, Office of Housing and Residential Life, Smith Campus Center and its related areas, the Career Development Office, the Draper Center for Community Partnerships国产偷拍视频, and the Title IX coordinator and related student support services.

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William Morse, Vice President and Chief Information Officer

William Morse, vice president and chief information officer William Morse, vice president and chief information officer, oversees , providing strategic leadership, future planning and budget management for the College’s technology infrastructure. His staff provides client services, information systems, instructional services, media and classroom services, and network and infrastructure services.

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Karen Sisson, Vice President and Treasurer

Karen Sisson, Vice President and TreasurerVice President and Treasurer Karen Sisson oversees the Finance Office, including Finance Operations and Financial Planning and Analysis; Facilities and Campus Services, which manages construction and campus planning, maintenance, sustainability, summer conferences, dining, grounds and housekeeping; Human Resources; and Real Property.

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